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Ambassador programme is our proud intervention were we invite highly skilled national and international volunteers to participate in the skill building process of the community and the organization. It is a volunteer funded programme where the volunteer funds his/her stay at the intervention area and for building the programme which they themselves would contribute towards. Mainly focused towards volunteering from abroad who wants to learn the vibrant cultural aspects of India, develop an inner perspective away from the glitz of the cities and understand how the social prism for the same human rights cause shifts from country to country, society to society. This is a programme where we try to develop a symbiotic relationship with the Volunteer who could live with the community, learn from the grass root and in turn help the project in building it themselves.Thus, the programme is also aimed in creating ambassadors of Jeevodaya who would advocate the cause when they return back to their daily lives, and help us raise valuable funding to reach them who need us most. Moreover, the programme envisages in giving our ambassadors an experience that may help them become more sensitive, and considering.
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What all you would like to do during your stay with Jeevodaya or how you would like to support the programmes. We can build a customized financial plan just as per your requirement or you can also suggest us the budget you have to plan an appropriate programme for you that suits you best

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Volunteering also means that you come out of your usual comfort zone to commit towards a cause which would give you a life changing experience. At Jeevodaya we would ensure you a clean accommodation and working environment with basic amenities. You would work with a highly dedicated team of individualsand will have an opportunity that would make an impact on the lives of many people including your own, which we would request you to respect and be considerate towards.
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